The Changing Role

There’s mounting pressure on academies and MATs to deliver outstanding learning outcomes and achievement across their community, but that’s just one part of it.

School leaders and managers now need a broader set of skills if they are to ably manage their accountability, infrastructure and resources, digital strategy, complex needs, disadvantage, social mobility, the recruitment process, community engagement, partnerships, budgets - and much more besides.
Schools and academies will only run smoothly and effectively if they are well managed and this takes time, finance and expertise. So how do schools and teachers get the hours back that they need to do what they do best – to teach!

The Challenges

A4i supports the building of leadership and governance capacity and accountability across a school, group of schools or MAT in order that it might best consider the following questions:

How can we portray holistic performance, trajectory, risk and mitigation in a simple and powerful way?

How can we do that for one school and how do we do that across a complex network of schools?

What could / should growth look like?

What would appropriate structures of leadership and governance be?

What tools would we require to manage change and growth - and avoid failure?

What would an effective accountability framework look like?

How will we identify needs and procure appropriate and approved services?

How will we build leadership capacity?

How will we do all this whilst maintaining a mindset that puts children's needs first?

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