APi Aims

Our overall aim is to increase the capacity of any client's corporate governance in line with requirements - including the Competency Framework for Governance, focusing critically on accountability for improvement in standards and financial performance.

We will enable leaders, governors and trustees to evidence strengths and priorities for improvement and, through a bespoke action plan, target those priorities, with the mechanisms to evidence change and demonstrate clear accountability.

Specifically, at APi we aim to:

  • Have a direct impact on the improvement in competencies and capacities of leaders, governors and trustees.
  • Further develop great practice, provide and share evidence of what system leadership and governance at its best can deliver.
  • Promote a deeper understanding of the role that clarity of vision, purpose and action contributes to accountability for improvement and effective corporate governance across complex organisations including charitable trusts and MATs.
  • Further enable system leaders, governors and trustees to fulfill their responsibilities with skills, information, tools and resources.
  • Build the capacity, knowledge and capability of leaders and governors.
  • Bring to life vividly and pictorially the performance of the organisation in order to improve its effectiveness.
  • Allow diagnostic assessment of development needs using on-going audit including data analysis.
  • Deliver measurable improvements across the 6 core areas of the Competency Framework for Governance.
  • Offer the support and challenge of an experienced 4MAT Coach and mentor.
  • Bring the opportunity to share knowledge, learning and good practice and develop positive, challenging relationships with other schools, Trusts and MATs via our unique Regional Improvement Boards (RIBs) and online resource platform on our new website.

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